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Our school curriculum, as well as our extra curriculum language programs has proven to be very successful among our many Hong Kong Young Learners. Carabela Spanish Playgroup cover a complete variety of useful life experience topics, which is done through a series of entertaining and fun activities and lessons. Children learn a new language and culture at a natural pace through songs, Arts and Crafts and other fun activities. We also focus on encouraging and raising awareness towards parents to build strong and better bond with their children by joining the interaction with their children in their language learning journey.


The four main Language Skills Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing are the main focuses of this program. Our main goal is to assist students in achieving good results in the many different exams; the HKDSE, IGCSEs, A levels, IB and the DELE Exams. Our programs not only gives them necessary skills for communicating in their respective languages and learning the diversity of their respective cultures, but we also coach and motivate students to reach student's best potential that will help distinguishes them from thousands of other applicants to prestigious universities.


We offer 3 different levels of language courses for adults; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, as we have adults coming in with all kinds of previous experiences and backgrounds. We have developed a curriculum that works with all languages and will ensure that anyone at any level can join and polish their language skills. We also offer tailor-made programs as we understand that some schedules may not allow enough flexibilities to have a 30 hour course. If this is your case, please indicate it in the Booking Form. 

Beginner 1

30 hours (15 lessons, 2 hours each, once a week) 

1) Alphabet and pronunciation

2) Greetings, introducing yourself and others

3) Tell where you are from, countries and nationalities

4) Numbers

5) Talk about your age

6) Professions

7) The Family

8) Describing other people: physical and personality

9) Describing parts and things in the house

10) Talk about mood and emotions


Beginner 2

30 hours (15 lessons, 2 hours each, once a week) 

1) Days of the week and months

2) Telling the time

3) Introduction to foods and drinks

4) Basic conversation at an eating place

5) Leisure time activities

6) Daily routine activities

7) Expressing frequency

8) Daily activities and duties

9) Comparing and contrasting things that you like

10) Expressing preferences


Beginner 3

30 hours (15 lessons, 2 hours each, once a week) 

1) Express things that are liked or disliked

2) Express similarities and difference of tastes

3) Express varying degree of personal tastes

4) Expressing personal feeling

5) To offer things and to accept or to refuse

6) To offer things and to accept or to refuse

7) Making a phone call and speaking on the phone

8) Talk about shows: time and place

9) To make an invitation and to accept or to refuse

10) Talk about the past: things that were done the day before


Intermediate 1

30 hours (15 lessons, 2 hours each, once a week) 

1) Talk  about work or studies

2) Talk about transportation

3) Ask and tell the frequency of activities

4) Talk about future plans and projects

5) Express need and obligations

6) Ordering food products at a store

7) Asking for the price

8) Ordering in a restaurant

9) Requesting a service at a restaurant

10) Talk about things that have been done recently

11) To apologize

12) To give excuses

13) Talk about personal experiences

14) Express opinions

15) Express agreement and disagreement

Advanced 1

30 hours (15 lessons, 2 hours each, once a week) 

1) Express duration of an action that started in the past and continues in the present

2) Express ability

3) Talk about the past

4) Express routine activities in the past

5) Describe situations in the past

6) Express an action occurred and completed in a time period

7) Talk about an action that happened only once

8) Describe a situation or the circumstances in which an event occurred

9) Talk about past events

10) Personal experiences and past events

11) Provide definitions

12) Express the cause

13) Ask and provide information on cultural matters

14) Ask for confirmation of an information

15) Make comparison: to emphasize one thing among others

16) Express probability

17) Express a past action that occurred before another past action

18) Narrate events in our life

19) To show interest in someone

20) Express happiness

21) Express worry

22) Express surprise


This course includes a free consultation meeting that will help us understand the level of language we are working with. We then have written tests and interviews to see individual skills of your employees to understand them individually. Taking all this information into account, we will prepare tailor-made courses so that you would have the best learning experience we have to offer. Our class sizes ranges from 8-15 students and our prices drop as the number of students increase. Just as the course syllabus is tailor-made, so is the timing as we will provide classes for whenever your timetables allows us to.

Beginner 1

The course will focus on using a Combination of Dialogue to emphasize on the 4 main language skills:

Learning Outcomes





– Meet, greet, and tell your name
– Progressively learn to count 
– To tell the date & daily routine
– Address & telephone numbers
– Nationalities & languages
– Family & family members
– Size and Style
– Health and body

– Interests and abilities 
– Hotels & Services
– Food and restaurants
– Cafes, Pubs and drinks
– The weather 
– Shops and shopping
– Travel and transport
– Places and directions

– Work and profession, 
– Invitations and appointments
– Telephoning and messages
– Money and currency
– Compliments and well-wishing

Overseas students: “Language International / Open Abroad”

European Language & Culture programs: (Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, Portuguese…)

Asian Language & Culture programs: (Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese Korean…)

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