Extra Curriculum Programmes

School Preparation Interview 

 This programme is specially designed for students who would like to increase their chances of being accepted into their preferred school (Famous Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools). The course includes a Language Portfolio, which will serve to include students’ certificates and best activities made throughout the course program. Your child will deliver a successful performance and impress any school in no time. 


HK Festival Speech Competitions

This program is specially designed for students who would like to prepare for Speech Festivals of all languages. The course program will not only cover the poems and songs for their desire categories levels, but will also help students understand the vocabulary, grammar and culture through different activities, games and storytelling so they are completely aware of the content of their presentations. And this way, be able to deliver with proper fluency, pronunciation, tone of voice, accuracy, body expression, and passion.

FUN Language Learning Journey

This program is specially designed for students with no knowledge or who have already started learning their language and would like to pick up their speed. Students learn through arts and crafts, singing songs, dancing, acting, cooking, sewing, playing games & activities. It is real effective way to help your child learn their language much quicker and with fun, as they will be immersed into their language’s environment. Also students will be learning, communication, organizational skills, leadership, team work, problem solving, discipline and good values. Though also learning how to manage stress by using art and craft therapy: “CARABELA ARTHERAPY” 


With our public examinations, we know how to equip our students with the right skills for listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as particular strong emphasis on the components of the public exam in order to help the students to obtain a good public examination results.

Language Course Package for Public Examinations (IGCSE/HKDSE Course)

Public Examination

Courses (First Term)

Courses (Second Term)

Tuition Hours

S. 4 (First Year)


IGCSE Preparation 1

IGCSE Preparation 1

100 Hours

S. 5 (Second Year)


HKDSE Preparation 1

HKDSE Preparation 1

100 Hours

S. 6 (Final Year)


HKDSE Preparation 2

HKDSE Preparation 2

100 Hours

2  hours lessons per week for 50 weeks per school year. The exact schedule with exact dates for the every school year will be co-ordinated with the student’s School schedule).

Well-selected textbooks supplemented with materials and other resources all provided by us (book, media, past papers, etc.).

  • acquiring a clear understanding of the exam format
  • understanding the parts of the exam and how each part is evaluated and graded
  • improving his/her listening skills to be able to comprehend and predict accurately during their exam
  • improving his/her oral skills, be able to express in an organized manner and with confidence
  • be provided with plenty of practice material and guided feedback
  • tackle particular deficiencies and difficulties under proper guidance

DELE Certificate Course


DELE stands for Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, or “Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language”. It is the only official certificate for non-native Spanish speakers administered by the Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish Ministry of Education, it is recognized worldwide, and is valid for a lifetime.

Contrary to the IGCSE test, this exam is for the student to confirm that a certain level of language command has ben achieved. Futher information regarding the exam an be found here.

Our School programs examinations program simultaneously will provide the materials that are also suitable for the students if they wish to sit in the DELE exam. Extra courses for the DELE preparation examination will offered before the exams in May and November of each year.

The exam for secondary school level takes place in May every year. If students are interested in sitting for this exam, we can also provide the necessary guidance in help; starting from the registrations and our helpful preparation examination courses. 

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