SCHOOL Language & Cultural Programs (CURRICULUM)

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La Pinta

Age: 9 Months to 3 years old (NURSERY)  
In this first course, we aim to teach infants and toddlers under 3, since at this stage children are in their sensory motor period, where they are mobile and look for sensory memory stimulations. Where children are more sensitive to objects and more sensitive to observation and thinking. Our classes are equipped with a safe environment with constant supervision ensuring that your child is in a safe learning environment. Children will learn with our native speakers, qualified, experience and caring Instructors. With our Carabela Fun and effective method.

La Niña

Age: 4 to 6 years old ( KINDERGARTEN ) 
This course will accompany your child’s first step path through Kindergarten, all through their most important first discovery journey in Primary. La Niña is specially designed to ensure that they get the basic languages syllabus curriculum, so the children can experience a more structured growth in their language skills. To let the child explore and  discover their own preferences and progress, so they can choose to learn any language including Spanish, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Korean, etc.

La Santa Maria

Age: 7-11/12-17 yrs. old (PRIM./SECON. )  
This is a more advanced course but is designed to allow even beginners to start learning the language. We follow a curriculum which will cover gradually from the basics to more higher levels, so students  aim for examination and the opportunity to experience affordable, safe and fun Overseas Cultural programs that will allow the student to gain a more globalized mentality and allowed students to develop their full potential and independent mind.  

SPECIAL SCHOOL Examination preparation Programs    

We provide special programs for public examinations like IGCSE, HKDSE, A-level and IB for their languages. As well as Spanish DELE certificate with training provided from examiners of the DELE Spanish Exam. these certificates will not only help improve student’s language skills but will also give them a distinguish advantage from other sutdents when they apply for Band 1 schools, Universities, College, and wil become an assets for their future career. 


* Young & Teenager School Fun & Craft programs

SPANISH Club: Is an innovative school program developed by an elite team of language experts, for learning Spanish from an early age.

This program is specially designed for students with no knowledge or who have already started learning their language and would like to pick up their speed. Students learn through arts and crafts, singing songs, dancing, acting, cooking, sewing, playing games & activities. It is real effective way to help your child learn a new language and culture much quicker and with fun, as they will be immersed into their language’s environment. Also students will be learning, communication, organizational skills, leadership, team work, problem solving, discipline and good values. 

* Teenagers School Introductory language & cultural

This is a special Introductory language & cultural school programs specially designed for
schools students in Hong Kong.
The purpose is for students to have the first language & cultural exposure, either for European (Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, Portuguese… ) or Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean…) with 2 or 3 lessons per class so all the students in a school can have the opportunity to participate and discover their linguistic preference while also learning the diversity of culture.
And this extra curriculum activity is great for student to have a break so they can relax from normal school activities and expressed their creativity.

* Teenagers school Career Mgmt. language & cultural

Intermediate level language & cultural program for school students to practice language and culture, while gaining valuable experiences working in different projects in a working environment program.
Our program is organized based on the language curriculum program of the school (GCSE, IB, HKDSE, AS-level, DELE, etc… designed with practical activities that will help students develop their Spanish academic and working experience skills and which will be very useful in their future career, and which will help students develop their full potential.

* Other special School curiculum programs

 We offer other special programs with different specific purposes for Young Learners and Teenagers: 
*- Interview preparation programs where we train kids to prepare for Nursery,  Kindergarten, Primary and secondary schools interviews,  
 *- Training for Speech  Festivals Competitions to help student build self confidence and communication skills.
*- Emotional intelligence & character building to discover and develop students full potential. And learning how to manage stress through art and craft therapy. “ARTHERAPY”
*- Introductory financial planning education program 
*-Students Internship programs, related to business,-Entrepreneurial, financial planning, Digital media design, and Digital media film programs.
*-Local teachers and staff-Introductory European & Asian Language and Culture Programs.


– Overseas cultural programs: Young Learners & Family (Mallorca-Spain)

This is a unique Family language and cultural program where young students are accompany by their parents and or guardiance. We have chosen Mallorca, Spain because has won recognition as the most family oriented place in the world. We have partner with a school in Palma de Mallorca to offer HK schools as well as families in HK the most unique experience.

Young learners will be studying Spanish in an immersion environment, while parents will have the opportunity to spend time for themselves, learning about the culture, exploring the city, shoppin, and in the afternoon, together with their child, can spend quality family time together for an unique and unforgettable experience. 

– Overseas cultural programs: Young Learners, Teenagers & Adults, (Spain) ENFOREX

Our overseas school teen cultural programs have been very successful bringing many great benefits to our students from all over the world. Where students can immerse in an environment that will allow them to use the language and learn more about the diversity of culture. Teenage students learn to be more independent and definetly will gain invaluable life experiences by interacting with other students from all over the world.

With ENFOREX our partner in Spain, we offer schools in Hong Kong our experience in organizing the language & cultural overseas programs more suitable for your school. From offering the most competitive prices, variety of city destinations in Spain: Granada, Sevilla, Malaga, Salamanca, Madrid and Barcelona, to the most suitable schedule, and the best program and travelling arrangements. So to make all the organization procedure; from the students parents meeting, to the departure to the airport an easy, quick, and stress and worry free experience to schools in Hong Kong, parents and students.

Carabela Language Centre has partnered up with Enforex to present you “The Language Cultural Overseas Tour to SPAIN”. This is a chance for your school’s students to experience an unforgettable journey in different beautiful cities in Spain. We are confident it is going to be the highlight of any student that will participate.

What makes this deal so attractive is not just our competitive prices, but also the freedom to choose the dates and your own beautiful SPAIN city destinations: Granada, Salamanca, Sevilla, Malaga, Mallorca, Madrid and Barcelona, etc. Carabela’s partnership with ENFOREX has allowed flexibility so we could cater to each individual school’s calendars and needs. You would just have to suggest your preferred school dates and number of students per group, interested in participating, and we will handle the rest, so you will not need to worry about the administration part: no need to follow up on parents enquiries, meetings, air tickets, travel insurance, student programs, accommodation, meals, itinerary, etc.
We have an experienced and caring team with the main objective of understanding the needs of your students, schools, and employees, to deliver the best language and cultural programs to your school. Prices can be very competitive, and depends on the packages programs, destination, season selected, and if organized and confirmed in advance, we can secure the best package for your school..
Prices can be very competitive, and depends on the packages programs destination, season selected, and if organized and confirmed in advance, we can secure the best package for your school groups of secondary teenagers students (12-17 yrs. old). Special Carabela -Enforex Overseas language, cultural and fun packages starting from HK$ 19,800.00: SPAIN-Granada, Salamanca, Malaga, Marbella, and Sevilla. Package includes: Round-trip air ticket, travel insurance, 3-meals a day, accommodation, lessons, unforgettable sightseeing and fun learngin educational acitivities. And for a school group of 15 students, one school teacher can accompany the group at no extra cost( air ticket+food+accomodation only).
For Young learners and families, we have exclusive Carabela Language & Cultural and Fun package destinations to Spain: Mallorca, Madrid… etc, please contact us by sending your enquiry to our e-mail: info@carabela.cc for more details. 
We are committed to provide just the very best service, programs at very competitive prices to your students in Hong Kong. And we can guarantee you that you will be getting the best prices, programs and services. From our caring customer service, to offering every opportunity for a comfortable and memorable journey, whichever destination time of the year, and program you choose. We welcome you with an attentive approach throughout every stage of your school program selection.
If your school/students, need more information on any of our language cultural educational programs, please send us your enquiry to our e-mail: info@carabela.cc or input your information in the boxes below and we will be more than pleased to organize and contact you with more information.

Other details about courses


For group of 4: HK $250/hr/std For group of 6: HK $200/hr/std For group of 8: HK $15O/hr/std For group of 11: HK $100/hr/std. ****************************************** For School curriculum programs,special prices for groups of 20 or more students per class: From HK$50.00/hr/std


Dates are on a first come first serve basis. We try to offer a very flexible choice of dates for our language classes to schools.


School, Home or Carabela Language Centre

The courses could be held at respective schools of the students or Instructors could be sent to private areas instructed by our client. If necessary, the course could also be held at Carabela Language Centre.

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