"Speaking a Foreign Language is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity that will better place a person in the modern world and will influence a child for life".


Teaching and Promoting Languages & Culture Professionally in Hong Kong through Quality Programs to help students develop their special skills, strength, interest. This is to promote physical, character, social and academic development through language, culture, good values and fun courses.


We believe in using a successful language & culture proven method which combine with our character building, motivational, mentorship and coaching approach that many students have enjoyed and benefitted greatly from. 

Carabela Language Centre was established in 2010. We have served students, schools and companies demand of the modern languages for students in Hong Kong who would like to develop a new overseas language and learning cultural expereince. Either Asian or European course programs, specially designed for students in Hong Kong or other part of the world. We strive to provide excellent education standards to our students to ensure that they are up to pace with our globalized world.

We celebrated our 7th year anniversary last year. Please check out our old collage we made consisting of some of the activities we did in the first past years. Click HERE!

Our Complete and Unique method

Carabela Language Centre has developed a strong language and cultural curriculum program, providing a learning environment that trains Young learners, teenagers and Adults to master the four main language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Combined with a unique method of motivational and coaching approach which had benefit many students develop their behavioural, interpersonal, communication, problem solving, decision making, and managerial skills, and had also helped students achieved outstanding academic results.


Listening comprehension is developed naturally on their, with our many activities and very soon the students are able to recognise a wide array of words and common expressions.


Students are able to participate in a conversation of their language with confidence and fluency, and can pronounce words accurately, with impressive accents.


New vocabulary is acquired naturally and the students can understand the language texts intuitively. And we encourage and develop the interest and attitude for reading.


The students own thoughts can be expressed confidently in their language and with correct spelling, form simple to semi-complex to complex sentence structures.


Throughout our different lessons topics, students learn to discover themselves through tastes, preferences and choices for food, sports, animals, weather,daily activities, etc. And through our mentorship and coaching approach of life good values.


Physical & Health Education: Healthy eating and excercise habits, daily action, movements, and daily acitivties for meditation and relaxation to help reduce stress.


Fun Learning through singing, dancing, theatre, visual art & craft program, storytelling, games & activities, students learn through basic subjects such as math, history, geography, culture, etc.

Our Dedicated and Caring Team

Ms. Margarita

Born in Venezuela and received her Management Business Administration university education in Canada. A holder of the Certificate of Teaching Spanish as a Second Language given by the International House.

She is highly experienced in teaching and coaching students for public examinations (GCSE/IGCSE, HKDSE, IB and A-Level) and the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). And a registered Spanish Language examiner.

She uses her motivational, mentorship and coaching students approach to teaching and sharing positive and valuable experiences with her students, and by giving students opportunities to explore and develop their full potential.

Also highly experienced in teaching Spanish for corporate groups: Spanish/English language interpretation and translation. 

Mr. Billy

Studied high school and university in Guatemala, also raised in Guatemala, Billy has firm grasp on the language of Spanish and has received a Master of Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from Nebrija Univesity in Madrid.

He is specialised in coaching students for public examinations (GCSE/IGCSE, HKDSE, IB and A-Level) and the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). And a registered Spanish Language examiner.

He has been teaching Spanish at several Universities and prestigious high schools in HK with very good results.


Our team of Teachers:

All of our Language Instructors are knowledgeable, qualified, skilled, experience and caring teachers with wide exposure in other cultures in the world. Most important all of our teachers are qualified educators in native speakers of the language that they teach.

This can help many students to acquired new language skills to: Improve their grades for their specific language courses at school, achieve satisfactory results in their examinations, meet professional job requirements, or just to improve their personal demand for learning a new language in life.

Teachers at Carabela are able to build up a tailor- made-strategy in action plans, plus a whole set of proven methods and perspectives to help discover and develop student’s potential in learning and thinking, so that students can improve step by step, in school public exam results, and in the ability to apply the knowledge in real life and their future careers, bringing about significant improvement in the long run. And combine with our unique and fundamental motivational, mentoring and coaching approach which has proven very beneficial to all our students. 

Our Service and convenience to cater schools and student's needs

* Customized group course programs that is more convenient for students in their schools or with a private group in the convenience of your home, or in our language centre conveniently located minutes from YMT MTR “C”.

* Caring, safe, friendly, and enriched & nurturing environment so students can become their best. Our centre is fully registered: Education license #585734.

* Affordable prices, with complementary assessments.

* Available 7 days a week, all year round, with customized course programs for small or large classes.

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