SCHOOL LANGUAGE PROGRAMS (Curriculum & Extra Curriculum)

La Pinta

Age Group: 12 months to 3 years old (NURSERY)

Children ages under 3 are at the stage period of sensory motor and memory stimulation. They are likely to be more sensitive to objects, attentive in observation and active in thinking.   We use massage method with children songs which is the best way to "wake up" your babies' senses which stimulates their physical, psychological intellectual development. This is done through a developed curriculum and through supervision of qualified instructors. 


La Niña

Age Group: 4 to 6 years old (KINDERGARTEN)

This language programme aims to develop fluency and focus in both oral and listening communication of the chosen language. We ensure that this language programs will develop your child’s mind and imagination, creativity and motors skills development that will benefit their learning development in the long term. This is achieved through fun art and crafts activities and which the students will present to their classmates at the end of the lessons, and which has proved to be very beneficial. 

La Santa Maria

Age Group: 7-11/12-17 yrs old (PRIMARY/SECONDARY)

We aim to develop student’s abilities to think critically and grasp the important connections between books and life experiences that will help students achieve academic success. This is a more advanced program, but is still fit for beginners as well as for fluent speakers. All the 4 language skills are fully developed to prepare students for higher level examinations, Overseas Cultural Programs / Local Teen Career Management-work experience programs, and Student Internship programs. 


Overseas Cultural Programmes

Everyone's favourite are our overseas trips to Barcelona, Madrid, and the Asturias. This gives students the opportunity to learn and practice  their language in the very country the language is from!

Tutorial Language Programs

Young Learners

A unique and fun Language Program specially designed for children who are starting to learn the language from a very early age. The children are immersed into the Hispanic culture while developing social skills with their peers, giving them a perfect transition into a multi-cultural attitude!


Complete program for Teenagers designed for Beginners, Intermediate and Advance learners. These different levels are aimed to help students follow a complete learning path where the student can assess and achieve important skills necessary to learn their language and prepare for examination with very good results.


Programs specially designed for those who have little knowledge of the language, but will like to learn more about the culture, and for career and pleasure. This language program is suitable for adults who would like a formal learning of the language based on a curriculum and also aiming to seat for the different examination levels.


Courses start with a careful Needs Analysis to establish the client's and the trainees' learning needs and objectives. Materials are designed to match the trainees' needs and implemented by professionally qualified instructors, in order to produce a results-oriented, cost-effective training program.

Special Language Programs

Extra Curriculum Programs

We offer other special programs with different specific purposes and intensity to Young Learners and Teenagers, to help our students excel in their academic lives. Program such as:  *Interview preparation programs where we train kids to prepare for Nursery,  Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools interviews.    *-Training for Speech  Festivals Competitions, *-Special interest programs. And for Teenagers,  *-Special career management programs,   *-Overseas programs and    *-Internship working experience programs.   

Exam Preparations

We provide Special programs for public examinations like IGCSE, HKDSE, A-level and IB for their languages. As well as Spanish DELE certificate with training provided from examiners of the DELE Spanish Exam. These certificates will not only help improve your children's language skills but will also give them a distinguish advantage from other students when they apply for Band 1 schools, Universities, College, and will become an assets for their future career.

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